What Merdeka Means To Me.....

Tan Sri William Cheng Group Chairman & CEO and President of Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) (from an excerpt published in a local newspaper)

Malaysia is my home country. I am proud of its achievements in the past 50 years since independence. Malaysia is where we started our businesses. Our Group’s businesses are based mainly in Malaysia although we have ventured and extended our business overseas. We have been doing our best and will continue to do so to contribute to the development of the national economy and the achievement of Vision 2020.

Going forward, I would like to see greater national unity of all the races in the country; a new mindset of our citizens, including the younger generation, to look forward to facing new challenges ahead; fighting and checking corruption with immediate action; and fighting crime with greater and efficient efforts, so as to provide our citizens as well as foreign investors a secure environment.

Staff from Likom Group of Companies

Merdeka bagi saya adalah kebebasan terhadap diri sendiri, agama, bangsa dan kehidupan. Kebebasan tersebut membawa kepada jati diri dan bersikap berdikari. Mariani - Safety Dept

Kemerdekaan bagi saya adalah memartabatkan orang-orang lama yang telah berjuang untuk keselesaan warga Malaysia pada hari ini. Kesinambungan ini perlu diteruskan demi kedaulatan bangsa dan negara. Normala Yusoff - HR Dept

Merdeka means we are masters of our own destiny. Badrul - HR Dep

I usually put up the Malaysian flag at my front yard, because this is my country. The flag is to remind my children that we are Malaysians. Steven - Purchasing Dept

It means independence and pride in being a Malaysian. It also reminds me of our forefathers who had worked hard to make us a successful nation today. Shamsuddin - Production Dept

Each Merdeka, I will always remember and appreciate how our forefathers were brave enough to explore the rough waters to come to Malaya to seek a fortune and the same time gave this country a pushstart and framework to progress and prosperity. They toiled with blood, sweat and tears at plantations, tin mines, civil offices, hospitals, construction sites, railway lines, just to name a few. I salute them for making this country our home. Irene - Material Dept

It means that I was born into a freedom I need not fight for it. Samantha - Shipping Dept

Being independent means to stand on our feet, being able to apply our own ideas and making our own decisions. Anbu - Material Dept

Pada pengertian saya, insan merdeka adalah mereka yang bebas dari tuntunan hawa nafsu dan hanya tunduk kepada fitrah dan hukum Tuhan. Negara kita boleh merdeka 100 tahun, tetapi jika fikiran dan jiwa kita masih dijajah, kita belum lagi menjadi insan yang merdeka. Rizal - Production Dept

Ramai yang melihat kemerdekaan sebagai satu pengakhiran kepada satu babak penjajahan dan penghinaan kepada bangsa. Kemerdekaan bagi mereka yang turut menjadikannya kenyataan adalah satu pengorbanan dan maruah bangsa. Kuah - HR Dept

Property Division Staff

Merdeka memberi maksud bebas dari jajahan kuasa asing terhadap diri, bangsa dan tanah air kita dan bersedia mengorak langkah maju kehadapan demi memartabatkan negara kita ke arah Malaysiaku Cemerlang, Gemilang & Terbilang. Fadzilina bt Mohd Yatim - H R & Admin

Enjoying the fruits of our Tunku's labour. Serene Yap - H R & Admin

M - Mature in thinking
E - Efficient in work
R - Roar ahead LION
D - Developed nation
E - Excellent performance
K - Key in success
A - Achievement appreciated Loh Kok Pong - Credit Admin

Merdeka gave us a sense of belonging; a nation to call our own and for the past 50 years, a growing Power House to be reckoned with in the eyes of the world. We cannot be any prouder of our achievements. It feels good to be a MALAYSIAN!! Malaysia Boleh!! Samantha Wong Sook Yee - Marketing & Sales

Merdeka is freedom physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Merdeka is not just a word to be shouted out at the stroke of midnight each 31 August and to be forgotten thereafter but to be kept sacred in our hearts and minds daily to remind us to treat others with mutual respect every day.

M - Menghayati betapa
E - Eratnya
R - Rakyat Malaysia
D - Dan
E - Erti
K - Kebebasan
A - Asasi setiap insan. Jenny Tan - Legal

Bebas dari jajahan pihak pemerintah. Bebas dari segi perbuatan dan pemikiran. Bebas melakukan apa saja asalkan ianya mengikut undang-undang negara dan agama. Noor Azwa bt Othman - Legal

Bebas dari segalanya, hidup di dalam negara yang aman, harmoni, sejahtera dan diperintah oleh pemimpin yang bijaksana dan adil berdasar undang-undang dan perlembagaan. Norzainah Dahlan - Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club
Erti Merdeka kepada saya ialah kebebasan dari segi pemikiran, pergaulan, pekerjaan, akademik dan banyak lagi. Geethanjali - Legal

Terlerai konkongan jasmani dan rohani. Capt (R) Yusof Lasim - Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club

Lion Best Staff

A day we, Anak Malaysia should proud of for achieving independence!! Malaysia BOLEH! Marcus Yee

A meaningful day for all of us to enjoy and treasure forever. Grace Chin

People gather together and celebrate regardless of their status. WY Chen

A day our country achieve independence and a day for all to get together. SC Low

Bebas dari jajahan negara asing. Salehah

MERDEKA symbolises a gift from our forefathers who bravely fought against tyranny, oppression and persecution for our freedom as Malaysians. Therefore we must not be consumed by our petty differences anymore but be united in our common interest, the greater good of Malaysia. Tang

Secom Staff

Merdeka means independence or freedom by its direct translation. But to me the spirit of merdeka carries more weight than the meaning itself because it makes us learn and accept the differences amongst the multi-racial community to enable us to live in harmony and work together to preserve and sustain what we have today. Merdeka makes what I am today because without it, I might still be the typical woman in the 40s with restrictions on education and traditional limitation in the social hierarchy. I am glad and thankful to those who had worked hard until we could raise our flag 50 years ago. Suraya Hanim

Silverstone Staff

Erti kemerdekaan kepada saya ialah negara perlu aman, makmur dan kesejahteraan hidup dikecapi dan harga diri rakyat Malaysia dipandang tinggi di mata dunia sewaktu kita hidup dan mati. Seng Kiang - Technical Department

Hidup merdeka berbilang bangsa Negara makmur aman sentosa Pembangunan maju rakyat gembira Banyak peluang pekerjaan Selamat menyambut kemedekaan ke-50. Hamizul Abu Shahid - Extruder Department

Merdeka is a meaning to be discovered by sacrificing what is dearest in our life. Love our country, treasure our unity and cherish the peace that we have for today, tomorrow and to come. Alwi Sharil Fauzan - IE/ESH Department

Hidup bebas tanpa perasaan takut pada mana-mana ancaman dari dalam dan luar negara. Kamalarajan - Technical Department

Merdeka is very precious. People pay with their lives to achieve independence. We should treasure our Merdeka and love our Country and respect the leaders who fought for our independence. Ooi Kheng Lam - Finance/Admin

Parkson Staff

A great nation has been built by our great forefathers for the people of Malaysia to continue exploring, growing, disciplining, always looking forward for a better future and greater success. Lim Piah Chong - Parkson Grand Holiday Plaza

Merdeka melambangkan kebebasan dan peluang untuk melaksanakan tanggungjawab terhadap diri, agama, bangsa, negara, keluarga, pekerjaan, organisasi dan masyarakat. Kita harus menggembeleng tenaga dan fikiran untuk bersama-sama menjadikan kemerdekaan ini lebih bererti. Khadijah Haji Karim - Parkson Grand Miri

Megasteel Staff

Bebas untuk buat pilihan dan melakukan apa sahaja dan dapat memberikan manfaat. Sakuntala A/P Krisnan - HR & Admin Dept

Bebas berfikir, tiada halangan dan hidup dalam keamanan sejagat. Khairul Nizam - Purchasing Dept

Merdeka ialah kebebasan dari penjajahan bangsa asing dan mendapat kedaulatan atau pengiktirafan yang bermaksud "bebas" dari sebarang penjajahan luar. Tan Choon Yin-Shipping Dept

Merdeka dari segi budaya, agama, ekonomi dan pendidikan. Khoo Siew King - Shipping Dept

Posim Staff

Jalur GemilangKu, fluttering on very tall high masts...
strong, proud and mighty...
as a nation rejoices with impeccable pride...
proclaiming 50 years of nationhood...
growth, peace and harmony

always fresh with renewed energies...
always with embolden spirits embraces the resolve of her whole nation

genteel faith shapes our youthful spirits
torch bearers of a nation’s progress , ideals, liberty
the embodiment of our beloved independent country
Kenny Chuah - Ototek

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