CEDR Corporate Consulting : Competency Based Training Provider

Your first step toward becoming a certified trainer! CeDR Corporate Consulting has been appointed by PEMBANGUNAN SUMBER MANUSIA BERHAD (PSMB or the Human Resources Development Fund [HRDF] to provide the following training and consultancy services.
Competency Based Operations Training System (CBOTS)

Scenario - Subject Matter Experts within your organisation leave, and this spells doom. You find yourself floundering because the person, who left, left with all the necessary knowledge to keep the production line going.

He/She was the Expert. And there were no other Experts who understood the process the way they did.

Through the CBOTS, your organisation (whether from the manufacturing or service sector) will be able to:

  • Update your Work Instructions/Work Standards
  • Train operations staff to meet Work Standards
  • Assess operations staff according to Work Standards

    All of which will help your organisation to speed up the process of training your people and to ensure a pool of competent employees who consistently meet the work standards. Not leaving you with a situation in your hands.

    Because now you have a pool of competent next-in-line frontliners who can step up to the task, competently.

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